To maintain competitiveness in any industry requires the correct equipment for your application, regularly maintained and backed up by knowledgeable and dedicated engineers.

At Forklift Specialities we are proud of our 40 years experience, which means you can confidently leave your materials handling operation in our capable hands.


We provide maintenance programs to all makes and types of materials handling equipment, whether on your site or in our workshop. Our expertise ranges from routine maintenance to the more complicated electronic or mechanical conversions and modifications.

New, Used or Service Exchange spare parts and assemblies are available from our range in stock and also from a team of reliable local and international suppliers at highly competitive prices.


Our skilled team of designers and trade artisans, can provide solutions for your production needs, whether it be manual or automated; mechanical or electrical.

Our workshop equipment facilitate the manufacturing and fabrication of equipment, as well as repairs or remanufacture. Examples include unobtainable parts, attachments, trailers, conveyors, production assisted machinery and other customer requirements.


There are many situations that require the hiring of machines, either short-term or long-term. Sometimes companies experience unforeseen temporary demands which justify additional or replacement trucks. Or perhaps the business has regular seasonal periods that need the extra resources for short while, without the capital outlay. Some companies even find that long-term rentals makes good financial sense for them. Whatever your requirements, we can offer one of the following options to help you make the right decision.

Short-Term or Casual-Hire

An ideal option if you have seasonal peaks or emergency situations that need trucks temporarily and at short notice. This is also a flexible option if you are unsure of what machine is best suited to your application and need to try different types.

Long-Term or Contract-Hire

Many companies prefer this option due to the fixed payment amounts which are easy to budget for and is fully tax deductible. In addition, this option eliminates unexpected maintenance costs, as it is included in the monthly rate.